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This month, Etsy launched the Etsy Disaster Relief Fund for their seller community in partnership with CERF+. By creating this fund, Etsy joins other organizations that have “answered the call” to respond to the unique needs of the creative communities that they serve after disasters. Other recent examples are the Recovery Fund at Creative Sonoma and the Harvey Arts Recovery Fund which was created in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. Each of these important efforts helps to broaden the safety net for artists and creatives and, as a result, we are heartened to see the Artists Safety Net growing!

Woodworker + Beneficiary Rene Delgado in his studio in Carolina, Puerto Rico

CERF+ will present an information session on its Craft Emergency Relief Fund grants and no-interest loans for contemporary artists working in craft disciplines and traditional artisans on Friday, April 13, 2018 at 10am at the Museo y Centro de Estudios Humanístico Universidad del Turabo , Carretera 189, Km 3.3, Puerto Rico in the Amphitheater. The presentation by CERF+ Executive Director Cornelia Carey will be conducted in English and Spanish with Arts Outreach Consultant Brenna Quigley. Learn More

Mar 27, 2018 | CERF+ News

CERF+ joined the call for federal support of the arts with over 550 advocates from across the U.S. as a co-sponsor of Americans for the Arts Arts Advocacy Day in Washington, DC on March 12-13, 2018.

Feb 20, 2018 | nike air max 90 wolf grey jacquard towel

Now that the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has existed for nearly two whole months, it’s timely to to answer some of the most common questions we’ve been hearing from creative professionals, specifically visual artists and crafters. So here are three of our favorite questions and answers, in no particular order.

Mar 27, 2018 | Makers + Matters , Studio Safety

Receiving a CERF+Get Ready Grant gave silversmith Lynsey Richelle the opportunity to make her shop safer and inspired her to action. In anticipation of the arrival of her new Hakko Fume Extractor to her studio, Lynsey reviewed her workspace looking for ways to make it cleaner, safer and more efficient. Here’s her story.


Once again, CERF+’s annual visit to American Craft Council’s Baltimore show brought us in contact with old friends and new artists who can benefit from the Artists Safety Net. Thanks to ACC for once again hosting CERF+ annual fundraising event during their February show in Baltimore. WIth our shared passions of championing artists who work in craft disciplines, this event does just that by awarding two lucky exhibitors with refunds on half of their booth fees.

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Let’s use this page to post, discuss, exchange, and share everything related to teletype code.

_specific scripts you found particularly useful; _questions about certain commands that need elaboration; _functionality ideas that need scripting solutions; _etc.

What do you say?

mod edit august 2017: the TT script repository is on github; ask for write access in this thread .

teletype-codex - Teletype Code Exchange. A place to share TT scripts, scenes, utilities, and more.

There are 566 replies with an estimated read time of 81 minutes .

sorry i don’t have shit to contribute but props to all having built this and those using! exciting times we are in. can’t wait to learn more about this module!!!

OK, so I am trying to think of the best way to capture/document the scene with all the code. Just typing it in the post certainly makes sense, but I was also considering something a little closer to the teletype sensibility.

So, this is the Reich scene (“Piano Phase” and “Clapping Music” simultaneously https://youtu.be/SixhcwS-IJg 141 ):

The main reason I was considering going this route is that if someone liked a complete scene, it would be easy to save a single image (or PDF file) on their laptop or tablet, or print it out for future reference. Is that approach worth further work?

it would be super cool to be able to somehow cut and paste between devices like this>text>copy into another teletype module. probably impossible but i cannot remember, so many, all the times recently that technology hasn’t supported simple cut/paste ideas i have had between devices/contexts/work/play etc etc.

Copy and paste would be cool, but when learning code I find that typing it out really helps to understand it. I often skim a piece of example code, trying to understand the thought process and flow. Then I try to recreate taking my understanding of what was written, and trying to recreate the process. If I get stumped on syntax, I see how far I can get without referring back to the code. Once I get it working, I go back and start exploring.mapping out my own tangents and trying to follow those trajectories. Often they fail, but sometimes you find magic in meandering.

Every product manager needs the facts about his/her business.

Successful product managers the discipline and techniques to take charge of their product lines, make informed recommendations and communicate product management strategy that drives business results. Better portfolio management strategy comes from careful and inspired market and customer analysis. Trends must be sorted from fads. Customer wants, needs, and unmet or latent needs must be clearly understood. And, competitive positions must be considered

Product planning and prioritization go hand-in-glove.

A lack of product planning can lead to too much time and attention paid to less important initiatives. And, in the wake of missing or inadequate direction and rationale, confusion reigns when it comes time to decide when and why things are being done. This is why lack of adequate product management planning is toxic. Product plans provide the reasoning for commitments. They also provide the focus for changes and modifications, which, when documented, add clarity and keep all the resources focused and on track.

Maximal’s Strategist™ software provides a comprehensive tool for ‘product portfolio management and strategy integration.

Maximal’s Strategist™ software Only CUSTOMIZED product management training can maximize your business.

Rote, out-of-the-box training costs you money, but doesn’t make you money. Experience shows that generic seminars and workshop training with no specificity to your company’s unique competitive challenges, structure and culture have little chance of delivering any kind of measured success or lasting impact.

Customize to maximize…The “Maximal Way.”

Maximal recommends product management training customized to your business needs, training that is deeply immersive, measured and continuous. We tailor product management training to you and set up benchmarks that measure success.

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is designed to provide your organization with tools and techniques to enhance product management competencies in seven critical areas:

customized product management training

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